We're a Brooklyn based product & graphic design studio. Nice to meet you.

Collin and Jana

Work is a Brooklyn based creative strategy and design studio founded in 2013 by Collin Cummings and Jana Laidlaw. We specialize in brand strategy and design, but are seasoned in developing any design solutions that communicate brand stories. Our client experience extends into lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, cultural, and health brands with a constantly growing portfolio. 

We comfortably work with both new brands as well as established ones looking to redevelop their narrative. Our clients are from all over the world and we aim to always stay as broadly engaged as possible. Even if that sometimes means taking a breather and working on creative side projects or collaborations with others. We're open to just about anything that gives us something to talk about.


Past and Current Clients  

Archival Clothing / CNN / HiLine Coffee / Plaid / Recordsetter / TOWN Real Estate / Consumer Reports / Groundworks / Zeabee / Waywire / Aveda / Bia Sport / Bonneville Communications


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